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I am a dedicated, loving pet parent. I truly love my pets. I own and operate this small but mighty Pet Sitting Business. I am very clean, organized and really care about the needs of other fur-babies and their owners. 

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I am the owner and operator of Made Simple Pet Setting Services. I specialize in personalized drop in pet sitting service for various animals. Most people would love someone who they can count on and trust with their family pet and their home. This is alot of stress to think about! This is the reason why i felt the need to open this business. I am a loving pet owner to a very spoiled Boston Terrier and a Calico Spicy Cat...both females. I like to help pet owners achieve a simple way to travel without worrying about their family pet. I am very hands on and always communicate and give suggestions to owners to make each sitting run smooth and safe for their pet. What better way for your pet to be comfortable within their own home...

less stress for both of you.

I currently work part-time at Cross Keys Animal Hospital and previously worked for

Mount Laurel Animal Hospital for 2 years... i have alot of experience with animals...

just to give you peace of mind.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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